AKE AKE AKE 1. forever.

Nōu hoki te rangatiratanga, te kaha, me te korōria, āke ake ake (Inoi 1951:3). / For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory for evermore

AKE 1. (particle) from below, upwards, in an upwards direction – indicates direction upwards when following verbs of motion. Like the other three directional particles, atu, mai and iho, it always follows manner particles (i.e. kau, kē, noa, rawa and tonu) if they are present in the phrase.  Watch here.

Ake, Ake, Ake

Jamie’s dazzling exhibition will be on as a part of the Pūtahi Festival. Free Entry.



By Christopher Ulutupu

I’m Chris Ulutupu and I am a video and performance artist. Born in Porirua and raised in Nelson. Just finished a master of fine arts at Massey University and have an bachelor of performance design with honors. 

Into the arms of my colonizer is a video exploration of the hyphen space as the sand  presented in the frame.The sand becomes a space of performative enquiry, an island on to itself, where elements once separated come together to create new meaning.

Into the arms of my colonizer

Chris’ unreal exhibition will be on as a part of the Pūtahi Festival. Free Entry.


Theatre/Dance in Development
Created by Jacob Dombroski | Directed by Rose Kirkup | Dramaturgy Braedyn Togi
Company: Everybody Cool Lives here
This solo work is an invitation to feel the vibes and aroha of Jacob Dombroski, aka JD aka Jay aka Big J Stylez. Join Jacob as he shares stories from his life combining all of his passions whanau, friends, music and performing, in a showing that will leave you feeling All the way up. 
Jacob has been exploring acting and writing over the past 3 years, He was a key member in the 2015 Best in Fringe cast of Wake up Tomorrow. 2016 saw Jacob take the next step being cast in No Post on Sunday at Circa Theatre. This will be Jacobs first solo which he intends on developing further after Pūtahi.  

Big J Stylez

Performance times : Wednesday 22 – Thursday 23 February | 8.30pm

Ticket Prices : Cash koha on the door

Please ensure you and your whānau have a seat on the night by booking here.


Dance Piece in Development

Created by Mapihi Kelland

Cast: Te Hau Winitana, Sharn Te pou, Paris Evans and Mapihi Kelland

The concept for this piece came from working with young people and seeing firsthand the issues that are commonly faced by our Cook IsIand Maori and NZ Maori people. Serious issues like depression, suicide, domestic violence, homelessness and a general sense of displacement.

As the concept developed we looked to our own families, their struggles and their triumphs. Many of our family members currently live in papakāinga. We compared, analysed and discussed the differences between urban youth and rangatahi who are currently engaged in a traditionally collaborative style of life. Admittedly there were some key benefits and a higher quality of life experienced by those living in papakāinga.

Essentially, we want to explore the complex attributes of matakeinanga/Papakainga living. From a holistic, cultural and transparent perspective.


Performance times : Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 February | 7.30pm

Ticket Prices : $5 children | $10 adults Cash only on the door but please ensure you and your whānau have a seat on the night by booking here.


Poropiti: Prophet is a meeting point of Tola Newbery’s innovative physical theatre and Mara TK’s maverick musical explorations. The story they tell is a meditation on utopian visions of pre-European Aotearoa, the emergence of the Māori prophets and present-day capitalism. Told in movement, song, sound and theatrical lyricism, it is a beautiful surrealist duet.

Performance times : Thursday 23, Saturday 25 February | 9pm

Ticket Prices : Cash koha on the door.

Although this is a koha performance please ensure you and your roopu have a seat on the night by booking here.


Play in Development

Thirsty sneaks you into the cramped, sweaty clubs of Southside, exposes you in the WINZ queue, taps into phonelines of despo Southsider love and peeks into the privileged life of a jungle-fevered Shoregirl. 
Everybody has a thirst that needs quenching. 

Written and Performed by Foa’i, Thirsty is a brown comedy set in Tamaki Makaurau, Polynesian  capital of the world.


Performance times : Friday 24, Saturday 25 February | 8.15pm

Ticket Prices : $5 Cash only on the door but please ensure you and your whānau have a seat on the night by booking here.

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